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Noobie Lighting Question

Hi Guys,

After a long wait and a lot of saving I have finally purchased my first BMW.

It is a 2008 325d M-sport pre-lci with standard halogen headlights with no AE's

Needless to say I am keen to make some mods to it and hoped you guys could offer your expert advice to a very noobie!

After much reading and thinking about it I would rather not go down the road of xenons as I do not want to alter any wiring and don't want any error codes.

My plan is as follows:

Remove existing halogen headlights and fit OEM LCI halogen headlights which have AE's installed I think? and are plug and play from what I have read?

To get a brighter light output and a good match between the lights I planned on purchasing 4 H7 GP Thunder II's (8500k) to replace the stock headlight bulbs.

Replace the foglight bulbs with 2 H8 GP Thunder II's (8500k)

Finally replace the AE unit with a LUX unit, although I'm confused which one would fit? H8 or LUX 5.1 etc?

Do you guys think this will this work and if so how will it look?

I'm totally open to suggestions on other combinations.

Thanks in advance.