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Originally Posted by gizard View Post
Hi All. First post here so Hello All.

I have a 2010 335d (E91) Touring. It came with the Single M3 Style paddles (I.e. Pull left to go down a gear and Pull right to go up a Gear). When deciding on the purchase my wife drove a car with the two way paddles (ie you can push either side to go down a gear or pull either side to go up a gear) and decided that if the car would have these then we would have this model as opposed to a manual 330d or a Manual 335i

Anyway I have bought some two way paddles and followed the handy guide and fitted them but they do not work at all and prevent the sport mode from working, if i change the paddles back everything works fine.

The M3 style paddles each have a three way connector but only use pins 1 and three, the two paddles use all three and I have tried wapping out all the pins to no avail.

What I have discovered is the the down shift paddle and a low resitance (0.35k ohms) when pressed and the up shift paddle higher resistance (1.18k ohms), whereas the two paddles have no resistance at all.

From this I conclude that later model cars work in a different way - I perhaps need to get hold of some resistors and try some investtagtions?

any comments?


how much do you want for the single way paddles?

PM if easier
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