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My Iphone is a piece of crap

Long story short.

I got my 3GS warranty replaced 4 months ago due to the OS being a glitchy piece of garbage.

Last night, my phone gave me the 10% warning, so I plugged it in. 10 minutes later it dies, so I try a different outlet, the charging screen comes up so i left it.

This morning it was dead. I was peeved to say the least.

So I put it into my speaker charge

I then go downstairs and put it into my computer. The charging screen comes up, two hours later it hasnt charged a bit and the screen is still up.

Its a 4 month old phone. Seiously? and now im assuming that the battery is shot and isnt taking a charge.

I hate this phone with a firey passion, its been nothing but a problem since september.