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Procede ideas??

not sure if this is possible. but i've been thinking of this mod that might work with procede.

i'm not quite sure what kind of data can be read thru the serial port. but is it possible to get boost, oiltemp, vaccum and etc real time data?

cuz if thats possible, those with iDrive can get the Navtv2go thing and hook up a small PC, and a software to read the data from Procede. with the software, we can display real time engine data right on the iDrive screen just like the R34 GTR, digital gauges shown on the LCD screen. i think thats a much cleaner design then adding actual gauges to the dash.

how about a program that display the taxi fare meter? when some friends are catching a ride, load that up and tell them thats how much for riding my 335i!

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