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Sending Google Maps to my 2008 BMW 328i w/ iDrive works!

i recently picked up a CPO 328i coupe equipped with iDrive. i was a little bummed i couldn't find a 2009 so that i could get the newer version of iDrive because i wanted the new interface, the benefits of faster start up due to the SSD, and mainly because i would be able to send an address from my computer to my car via BMW Assist.

i was at home last night searching for an address on google maps, and figured i'd try clicking the "send to car" option. after entering my email address that i gave BMW Assist, i forgot about it, until i was driving into work today. low and behold the two addresses i sent showed up under "My Info" in the BMW Assist menu (located in the Communications section).

according to BMW's website this is only available on 2009+ 3 series ( but it sure was a nice surprise. now i can send addresses to my car, or have someone send them to me while i'm driving (just have to give them the email address i associated with my BMW Assist profile).

thought i'd share in case any of you thought you didn't have this feature. i haven't modified my navigation at all, and yes i do have the older iDrive (starts up with the "i" in the middle and has 4 options for climate/communication/navigation/entertainment).