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Went to the apple store. The chick took it for 5 minutes came back and was like

"it's not charging. I can give you a new one for $200"

No shit it's not charging that's why I came here.

She then said that I dot have an extended warranty, when I bought one when imbought the phone.

So I called AT&T. My guy (who was named mark whalberg ) he was just like yeah I can see here that you have the warranty, what's apples issue?

So apparently I currently have a $400 paperweight because apple wasn't informed of my extended warranty and the two companies apparently can't tell eachother that I do have one.

This is such crap I can't take it.

And I bought this phone new a year and a half ago. I'm one month away from my upgrade, it definitely won't be an iPhone after this.