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Matt... all smartphones suck. My 3GS turned to utter crap after the OS4 update. Everything glitches. The loading times for everything are ridiculous. 5-10 seconds to OPEN my messages? 15 seconds for the camera to load? wtf?? This is both with and without jailbreak. The 3G/3GS are just way too slow to cope with OS4 and apple doesn't give half a crap about it.

But the androids aren't any better. My GF's android (HTC Incredible, one of the better reviewed ones) turned to shit after 3 months. Slow as hell, always freezes/crashes, runs incredibly hot. They won't replace it.

Furthermore, she has a problem with the battery level sensor. Apparently a LOT of androids have this problem and most people don't even realize. The battery seems really crappy, but in reality, the sensor is fucked up. Well the battery is crappy too, but this compounds the problem.

It will charge up to full, then you unplug it and restart the phone and it charges even more for 1-2 hours! Unplug and restart it again and it will charge for another 30-60 min! And yet again for another 20-30 min! It never fully fucking charges. And the battery sensor doesn't fully re-calibrate either, because this happens every time. You can't charge the phone overnight unless you wake up every few hours to unplug it and do this crap.

And then there's windows phones. Probably the least buggy of the bunch, but with giant colorful buttons, integrated XBox Live, and no ability to copy and paste, I feel like it's "Baby's First Smartphone" or something.

I'm tempted to get an iPhone 4 because it honestly seems the best of the bunch as far as smartphones go, but when iPhone 5 and the OS5 come out.. will the same bullshit happen with iPhone 4 with the OS5?

Also, I have a full anything-can-happen-you-can-even-step-on-it warranty on my iPhone 3GS. Never registered my phone, it's still shrink-wrapped in the sealed box. I'll sell it to ya for 80 bucks (I paid 100)

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