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I just finished doing the "removing tabs" mod on my original switch. I can confirm that the 2011 355d does indeed come with the extra white switch pusher thingie (technical term), so I didn't need to construct anything out of pen caps, legos, pennies or anything else.

The job was pretty straightforward, but there were a couple of steps that caused grief for me for a while. The first was the process of simultaneously releasing the two capture tabs that hold blank switch button into the switch. I was worried about breaking one or both of the tabs, so I took it slow. I used two jewelers screwdrivers, and gently jammed them between the tab and the switch body, while using a third screwdriver to push the button out. It would have been easier if I'd three hands or at least a small-handed assistant.

Once I removed the button, I used a sharp razor knife to cut the tabs off, and a miniature file to smooth the cut surface.

The other part of the job that was a bit difficult was pulling off the trim for the AC vent above the switch. The right side was very easy to release... the left side was very stubborn. I was able to release it by jamming two credit cards into the very tight gap and using a trim tool between cards. The cards act to protect both trim surfaces from damage.

Before attempting the job, I invested in a set of plastic trim removal tools. They definitely made the job easier and damage-free.

The same set is available (but in red) through special order at AutoZone. Same price, but no shipping costs. That's how I bought mine. Only had to wait 2 days for them to arrive in the store. Part Number: 25314

Thanks to the original poster who came up with idea for modding the switch! You are a genius! Saved me $120, not having to buy a new switch. THANKS!!
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