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how far should I drop this e93?

Hi peeps

I have recently purchased some kw v1 coilovers for my e93. I want some advice as to how low I should go

I like the lowered look but much prefer the car to be drivable. I do not mind driving slowly over speed bumps etc, but I do not want to have to drive at right angles over bumps or fear the slightest incline will scrape the bottom of the car. I drive all collection of urban, highway and rural, although none of the roads are 'that bad'; there is of course the occasional pothole like anywhere else in the developed world.

So the main concern is that the car is drivable over 'slammed' looks. I also do not want to have any issues with rubbing, or needing fenders rolled, or any of that stuff. I do like the 'raked' look - with the front being lower than the rear.

I realise the beauty for the coilovers is you can adjust the height at any time you wish, but I really would like to just get it right the first time (or very close to it) I also realise the initial ride height will 'settle' a little. I do not want to use spacers.

If it's important, my rims are 19" VMR 710 19X8.5 front ET35 19X9.5 rear ET33

My tires are continental extreme contact Dry/Wet
(2 - 235/35R19 CO EXTR CONT DW XL front
2 - 265/30R19 CO EXTR CONT DW XL rear)

My current suspension is standard non-m sport. If it's important, I am also going to get an aero front lip soon (+m3 side skirts + mtech rear bumper + CF diffuser+ quad tips)

thanks for the help e90 collective!

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