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I knew JDS was the favourite but he completely Carwin. I always saw Velasquez, JDS, Carwin and Lesnar as the top of the heat in the HW division but JDS made Carwin look inferior as did Velasquez to Lesnar. I think Carwin would be regretting his game-plan, I wish I saw him just go for it from the get go. Not sure if the outcome would have been different. I only recall JDS getting tagged cleanly once and that was when he was stepping backwards.

I was also really impressed with Florian. I thought the weight cut was going to hold him back but he looked great in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. He's going to be a real force at 145.

The Munoz v Damien fight was really close too. I think Damien's stand-up has improved a lot, it must be that training coach he and JDS use.