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Bad gas mileage after oil service reset from DIY on here

Changed my oil and filter yesterday, reset the service light using the tip here

All went well, then today I noticed my gas consumption was pretty quick and that I almost went through a 1/4 tank driving 43 miles (Mountain View, CA to Emeryville, CA). Filled up in Emeryville, CA and reset my mileage counter, saw my "miles till an empty tank" reading was 419 miles. On the way home from Emeryville I noticed the "miles till an empty tank" reading go from 419 to 390 and the distance I traveled at the time was 4.3 miles. I monitored this and confirmed that the miles till empty reading was going down quite fast and I know for sure I hadn't traveled that many miles, if anything about 3-4 blocks.
Here's another strange thing that happened, once I hit the highway the "miles till an empty tank" reading started going UP!!!! When I got home my MPG reading was almost 30! I stopped the car and drove off again and noticed the counter going back down, but at the fast pace which I noticed earlier.
Sorry for the long winded description but has anyone ever experienced this and better yet how do I fix it? I'm pretty sure this state was caused by using the reset tip in that other thread because I can't figure out anything else that might've caused the car to be in this state!

So my $65 oil change (patting myself on the back) might turn into an expensive trip to the dealer or a shop for diagnosis of this problem...(slapping myself upside the head)