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Cool More Beautiful 3-series Individual Cars - St. James Red, Aegean Blue, Mora, and More

More Beautiful 3-series Individual Cars - St. James Red, Aegean Blue, Mora, and More
Name:  IndividualE90.jpg
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Following our earlier coverage (here and here), we share with you photos of even more Individual BMW 3-series models.

Dackelone made another trip to the factory-owned BMW dealer in Munich, and caught even more stunning Individual models. Starring today are E93 models in St. James Red, Mora Metallic and Dakar Yellow as well as an E91 335i in Orinocco Metallic, a Fir Green E90 and an Aegean Blue E92.

As usual, we've included the spec sheets to give you an idea of options and costs (in Germany). Stay tuned for more Individual cars! Again a big thanks to Dackelone for the photos!

St. James Red E93 335i Convertible

Name:  E93_StJR_4_1024.jpg
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Size:  149.1 KB

Name:  E93_StJR_5_1024.jpg
Views: 15322
Size:  145.2 KB

Name:  E93_StJR_6_1024.jpg
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Name:  E93_StJR_7_1024.jpg
Views: 15659
Size:  138.0 KB

Name:  E93_StJR_8_1024.jpg
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Size:  146.5 KB

Name:  E93_StJR_9_1024.jpg
Views: 14921
Size:  138.3 KB

Name:  E93_StJR_10_1024.jpg
Views: 15418
Size:  130.6 KB

Name:  E93_StJR_2_1024.jpg
Views: 15373
Size:  121.7 KB

Name:  E93_StJR_3_1024.jpg
Views: 14796
Size:  127.4 KB

Name:  E93_StJR_1_576.jpg
Views: 14727
Size:  68.4 KB

Orinocco Metallic E91 335i Touring

Name:  E91_Orinocco_2_1024.jpg
Views: 14766
Size:  115.8 KB

Name:  E91_Orinocco_3_1024.jpg
Views: 15986
Size:  131.1 KB

Name:  E91_Orinocco_4_1024.jpg
Views: 14602
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Name:  E91_Orinocco_5_1024.jpg
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Size:  132.7 KB

Name:  E91_Orinocco_6_1024.jpg
Views: 14526
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Name:  E91_Orinocco_7_1024.jpg
Views: 15580
Size:  127.8 KB

Name:  E91_Orinocco_8_1024.jpg
Views: 14506
Size:  143.4 KB

Name:  E91_Orinocco_1_576.jpg
Views: 14417
Size:  74.8 KB

Fir Green E90 325i Sedan

Name:  E90_Firgreen_4_1024.jpg
Views: 14475
Size:  134.0 KB

Name:  E90_Firgreen_5_1024.jpg
Views: 14882
Size:  128.5 KB

Name:  E90_Firgreen_6_1024.jpg
Views: 14283
Size:  124.9 KB

Name:  E90_Firgreen_7_1024.jpg
Views: 14824
Size:  110.0 KB

Name:  E90_Firgreen_8_1024.jpg
Views: 14250
Size:  124.8 KB

Name:  E90_Firgreen_2_1024.jpg
Views: 14777
Size:  164.0 KB

Name:  E90_Firgreen_3_1024.jpg
Views: 14179
Size:  151.2 KB

Name:  E90_Firgreen_1_576.jpg
Views: 14133
Size:  78.5 KB

Mora Metallic E93 335i Convertible

Name:  E93_Mora_1_1024.jpg
Views: 16208
Size:  187.3 KB

Name:  E93_Mora_3_1024.jpg
Views: 14098
Size:  182.6 KB

Name:  E93_Mora_4_1024.jpg
Views: 14074
Size:  188.4 KB

Name:  E93_Mora_5_1024.jpg
Views: 14039
Size:  181.1 KB

Name:  E93_Mora_6_1024.jpg
Views: 15130
Size:  173.3 KB

Name:  E93_Mora_8_1024.jpg
Views: 16019
Size:  200.4 KB

Name:  E93_Mora_10_1024.jpg
Views: 13908
Size:  194.8 KB

Name:  E93_Mora_11_1024.jpg
Views: 13901
Size:  200.2 KB

Name:  E93_Mora_12_1024.jpg
Views: 13863
Size:  186.9 KB

Name:  E93_Mora_9_576.jpg
Views: 13766
Size:  70.9 KB

Dakar Yellow E93 335i Convertible

Name:  E93_Dakar_1_1024.jpg
Views: 14352
Size:  97.8 KB

Name:  E93_Dakar_3_1024.jpg
Views: 14224
Size:  101.0 KB

Name:  E93_Dakar_4_1024.jpg
Views: 14193
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Name:  E93_Dakar_6_1024.jpg
Views: 13935
Size:  100.1 KB

Name:  E93_Dakar_2_576.jpg
Views: 13640
Size:  71.5 KB

Aegean Blue Metallic E92 320d Coupe

Name:  E92_Agais_6_1024.jpg
Views: 14840
Size:  124.2 KB

Name:  E92_Agais_3_1024.jpg
Views: 22379
Size:  121.8 KB

Name:  E92_Agais_2_1024.jpg
Views: 14629
Size:  116.6 KB

Name:  E92_Agais_1_1024.jpg
Views: 13543
Size:  118.4 KB

Name:  E92_Agais_5_576.jpg
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