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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
I got 3rd in the Fiat event, 5th in the Lotus event, and 2nd in the Subaru event. The Subaru one was my favorite, the Fiat one was boring, and the Lotus one was a royal pain in the ass.

A-Spec grinding got really boring, I usually just race with friends occasionally, and do the seasonal races whenever they update them.
Managed 2nd in the Fiat event after a few trys but your right, what a boring race. Gonna try the Subie tonight.

I was meaning more B-spec grinding as in using the widget. Was wondering if you have drivers you need raced. I'm usually running about 20-30 hours of bspec grinding a week. It's good for about a Mil a day in credits if you have a few friends doing the same as well.
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