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Hey guys, i just did this last friday with my e90.
after some messing with it I got the tube down pretty far in to the center vent. followed the instructions and sprayed for a while to the point where if you look carefully into the vent you could see some foam (barely). had enough left over to give to a friend who needed. Anyway...
Let it sit for 30 minutes, then let the a/c blast for 20-25 minutes on max (ended up driving to a store with the windows down with a/c on full blast b/c it'll give you a headache from the disinfectant/lysol-like smell if you don't roll the windows down.
It's been 5 days now and it smells great in the car, no nasty musky/feet smell when you first turn on the a/c. For about 2 days after it smelled a little like Lysol in the car however.
but that has since gone away and now it's more of a fresh smell.
Next step is to do a full interior detail (tomorrow) and shampoo the carpet/headliner and make it smell fairly new again...
(i have almost 98k miles on my car... bought it new in 2006)
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