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Talking 335is aka Adriana, Finally picked her up!

Yesterday 06/14/11,

Arrived at the dealership like around 5:30pm at the dealer ship with my mom & dad & Boy in Manhattan on 11th Ave. Oh man let me tell you guys, I parked in the service area, took the elevator down and as the doors open to be honest with you, excuse my language but I was shitting in my pants not because of the payments I have to do lol But because I was nervous, I felt like I was meeting my dream girl, which was true.

I see my dealer, she stands up and of course I started to Shit in my pants, smiling, she brought out the contract and started to explain to me everything. Finally we got to the signing, after the signing she asked me > If I wanted the wear and tear warranty where is where I need your help guys, I don’t know what to do with that?< I have till tomorrow to figure it out.

So as I’m there waiting at the table, bang she brings out a huge box, Car Cover. I was Like YES!! But then said how much =\ she said FREE, then I said “very nice (borat voice)”.

We started to head upstairs and as I was heading up stairs she said can you see your car, I’m not trying to shit on the other cars that was there but I was like I hope none of these are mine.

Then an X5 was blocking my boo Adriana (335is). We get to the car ( I WAS LIKE YES NO LICENSE PLATE IN THE FRONT NO WHOLES) =)….She opens it and oh man let me tell you, WHAT!!!! She said “yup that’s yours.

Awesome choice in colors”, then she said “would like to hear the engine” lol oh man she turned that shit on and I’m not saying because its mine but I have to admit, it was really nice!!!! Sounded like a M6 lol honestly but I know it’s because I was in a close area. Anyways, she said “would you want me to explain everything to you”, like a dick, I said yes but it was because you never know what you might not know, another thing was that Oh man there was a few scratches, that I ended up pointing out to her..

Ok you know what I’m lying there was a few scratches my mom was pointing out! Lol then as she saw them, she broke it down telling me that it was just dirt, then I asked her FROM GERMANY?? Lol she said “no” FAILED. But it was cool, turned the car back on and oh man guys, it’s a really nice car and I can only imagine how you guys felt, once you guys got your car and brought it out from the dealership (besides scared and nervous), I had to go all the way back up 57th St to 3rd Ave to jump on the 59th Street bridge it was RAINING!!

But I was thinking to myself the gods up there are upset that ADRIANA is down here with me for now. I have to admit I did push it on 59th street bridge on the NO BUMPS ZONE which Is only one part of the bridge that’s only like 35 feet lol but OH WOW!!!!

Then the rest of the way starting from the dealer ship to my house OH MAN!! Driving SUPER SLOW (under 30mph, you would hated to be behind me)!! Its Nice, hopefully we can all do something BMW NEW YORKER’S meet up at ASTORIA PARK in Queens, if all of you are down.
Sorry for writing so much guys,

One more story couldn’t really go to sleep because of the excitement oh man, but let me tell you when I did wake up and heard the CHIRPING OF THE BIRDS, I was like “HOLD ON, HOLD ON!!! There’s more Chirping than usually, I felt like they were planning out or discussing who was going to be the FIRST BIRD to take a SHIT on the car. Oh man, went outside cleaned it down (thank god there was nothing there) then through on the CAR COVER that this lady gave me.

Thanks guys for reading my Story, I made it all up JK !! lol but thank you.

(mods) FRONT LICENSE PLATE ISSUE: is this possible to put this, because I really don’t want to have the front license plate in the front because it looks so nice without it, can anyone tell me if this is possible If you know any other solutions please enlighten me. Thanks

REAR LICENSE PLATE LIGHTS!!: How can I make them brighter!! Thank you

This is her!!

::Pulling Out::


:::For all the Birds out there::::

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