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Its funny how people are comparing boost between cars. That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long long time. Air is a fluid. Boost is nothing more than resistance to flow! That's it! It tells you ABSOLUTELY nothing about how two different engines outputs compare if they have the same amount of boost. Quit comparing boost values from Evos to our cars and saying that our engines run low boost.

Go boost a Toyota Corolla LS and see that the con. rods on those engines begin to twist at 6psi. Now all of a sudden N54 running 14.5psi is insane amount of boost.

Long story short: boost values should not be used for comparing engines. Period!

OP: nice video. I hope you sort out that misfire problem of yours soon!
I'm a bit tired of repeating that

What you missed though is mentioning CFM (volume of air coming out) and how psi with smaller turbos doesn't equal psi on bigger running 13.5-14psi with RBs is about a 50-70whp difference from stock turbos with lower EGTs...there's a lot to be said...