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Originally Posted by Cyprio View Post
Hi BB3M3R,

Could I just do a straight forward swap-over of the base front door speakers for the focal's along with the tweeters and cross-overs? Of course I would need to buy the speaker adaptors and the door trims as well.

The Focal's are 4ohm, but would this be a big deal though?

Cheers for any help.
Hi, physically yes you could but the output of the 'base' HU would not be enough to power the Focal's. They would work but would likely clip/distort at volume possibly causing them damage. Remember the front setup also incorporates the underseats so the HU's power is also feeding them.

I would strongly recommend an amp if you are considering doing anything more than adding a set of tweeters to the doors.

There's also the issue of the standard HU on the 'base' system outputs a tweaked EQ so anything else you fit would really benefit from having this reversed first.

As far as I'm aware the speakers in the 'base' system are all 4 ohms
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