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“I didn't wait to buy a car just so I can pay a few thousand more for a different steering wheel and some bits of plastic (the 335 already has m-sport suspension so what are you really waiting for besides cosmetic changes to an already great car) to make it look faster.”

You know there is a first for everything and this has got to be the first I have seen someone on a forum giving crap to another member for waiting for an option. I really don’t know what to say apart from I feel for you. I mean a person who doesn’t understand that others have certain liking to certain options is only telling me one thing… anyway ill move on.

“I may sound like a fan boy but, you know, I know there are plenty of great cars out there and some great competition for the 335”

Well that’s great to hear if only you had the same mentality in your earlier post.
As for the 335 not getting great reviews, well it really didn’t get great reviews, I mean MOTOR and WHEELS both complained about ride comfort and interior quality issues. Don’t get me wrong I’m against reviews because they always have bias and just like VGR said only driving the car yourself will tell you the truth. It’s an individual thing.
“rash generalisations.” I specifically talked about members in this forum and if you bothered to read other sections in this forum you will see that I’m correct.

“Yes, the S5 hasn't landed here yet but there IS a review of the S5 dynamics and it is NOT overwhelmingly positive like the E92's was.” *sigh* not going to bother wasting my time, I just explained above.

“By the way, what sort of "informed" comments were you after when you said "Some opinions on this car from fellow members are appreciated." Your right on this one it’s too early to hear actual comments from people who have driven the car so I guess I wrote that up as a general question, but other members managed to post without hinting anything negative before the car came out. “I may sound like a fan boy” I must say I wasn’t expecting a ‘fan boy’ response so there was a reason that I replied in a harsh way. I am on this forum for the same reasons as everyone else but it is important to understand that posts made by members can sound annoying to others especially when they are negative about a car that hasn’t even arrived here yet.

“The number of times I've had to bite my tongue on this forum when I wanted to say something really negative or to point out someone's poor taste/ignorance/stupidity/narrowmindedness, but I restrained myself to keep a positive feeling- at least in the Australian section.”

I can’t believe what I have just read OF COURSE you have to bite your tongue for goodness sake if everyone here were to say negative things about people’s tastes all the time this forum would turn into e46fanatics. There needs to be some understanding and some class when posting.
“But I must be tired or something because I felt I couldn't let you go this time”
Yeah its more like I should let you go, I’m not the narrow minded person here.

Now that I have cleared up my part I have to say I really have nothing personal against anyone in this forum especially you, but the earlier post did get on my nerve especially when I had inquired about the AUDI S5 and had a long chat about it with a sales manager on friday. I do realise that there will always be bias in any car forum and this is that kind of situation. Its great to hear that you’re a nice guy I can say I am as well and as you said I definitely want to keep this Aussie section as friendly as possible.

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