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Originally Posted by M3Rossi View Post
Yeah I been busy studying for exams I have my MATH4109 exam tomorrow, i have a feeling im going to fail

Why does UWS have to be so hard?? Any of you guys know the answer to these questions which is on the practice exam?

1.If Bilal gets a haircut and gets a number 2 on the sides and number 3 on the top then goes back 3 weeks later and gets a number 1 all round, how much has his hair grown in 3 weeks? (Assume that his hair grows evenly at a rate of 2mm per day)

2.If bankstown's ethnic community is increasing at 3.5% a month, and its overall popluation at 2.1% a month, at what rate are the aussies leaving?

3.If Omar runs 10 km from the police in lakemba to punchbowl and steals a car and drives another 5 km to bankstown, how many kilometres has he travelled if he ends up hiding in Wiley Park?
dude, i answered those questions for my year 12 maths exam at punchbowl highschool. you must be a year 1, sem 1 student..