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I'd just like to comment again on the usefulness of this post. If you use the Bentley manual for diagnosis of the 2A82 or 87 fault code, it really doesn't lead you to look at the VANOS solenoids as the culprit. This post, along with the Bentley led me to first consider the solenoids as the issue.

Now after 600 miles that I've put on my car since I cleaned and replaced my solenoids all I can say is the car is running better than ever.

I have a theory that swapping the solenoids positions (from exhaust to intake) is actually a good practice. I think the solenoids "work in" to the control position they are located and go through a repetitive range of motion that lends them, over time, to get clogged. Swapping them to the opposite cam now allows them to run a different cam control routine in a different range of motion which allows them to function as "new" parts.

I'd recommend what I did as the fix. Clean the solenoids with cleaner and shop air, and reinstall them in the opposite location. This procedure is so easy, that if the code does pop up again in the opposite location, a new part is justified and easily installed. This will procedure also lets you diagnose the problem further because if you swap the solenoids and the same code shows up (i.e. it doesn't follow the solenoid from the exaust side to the intake side, or vice versa) then the cam position sensor for that cam (which close by in the head) is the next part failure to consider.