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The 7.28 was during a 1/4 mile run with normal automatic shifting at redline. But to put things in perspective, your time in the video is about as quick as my times on 15psi and meth. My 9.0x runs required 17psi. You will find that dropping a full second or two will be harder than you think. But can't wait to see some RB turbo times in the 60-130 sticky to see the improvements!
You have to realize you're talking peak boost as well...your boost curves don't look anything like what Cobb stage 1 is your case you're holding 15psi to redline (from n54tech logs I looked at) case of Cobb they are at 14psi at 4500rpm, 13.5psi at 5500rpm, 13psi at 6000rpm, 12.5psi at 6500rpm, 12psi at 7k rpm...if it held 15psi flat to redline, well who knows but you get the point...another thing is I really didn't try to pull off any record runs, I was driving through Mexico had my iPhone in my hand no traffic and thought hey why don't I record a pull started a pull at 105km/hr from "cruising" and lost a bunch of time building boost and timing and ramping acceleration up from there...had I really tried to pull off the best time I could it would've been way better to accelerate in 3rd gear from about 3500rpm so full boost and timing is there and already accelerating while hitting 105km/ know what I'm talking about maybe try setting up your car with a boost curve like the cobb stage 1 and run the car and post a video Add about 4deg of CPS offset on top of that as well as Cobb targets 10deg at redline, oh and if you really want to compare dial your AFRs so they're mid to low 12s through midrange and high 11s 6k rpm to redline

No worries, I'll try to have a few more videos over the coming days when I make it down to Mexico..

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