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Originally Posted by japac1 View Post
I just took delivery of my 335xi. Russel completely made me feel like I was an idiot. They took my trade, wanted me to sign the contract, all before the car hit the center. I had a new CA. I mean like I may have been her first sale. And, EVERYONE, kept telling me to fill out the survery, "her job depends on it." F-her, I hope she gets fired. They forgot my Ipod adapter, saying the USB cable all i get, and even prior to this, told me "I don't think you have that option." The kicker - they let me drive off the lot with no paperwork, no regristration and no insurance. I had to remember when I got home to take care of all this and of course I have to keep going back to the dealer for the crap they forgot. Note that my wife just ordered an E92 coupe from Tischer.

Some years ago, I had a m3 serviced at Russel regularly. Their service department was just fine I thought. Their sales deptartment wasn't any good imo. Sales people were rather arrogant and would only talk to certain people when they walked through the door, just an observation. I went back to Russel to see what they had when I was looking to buy a 335xi. They had very few 335's or none at all, i forget. The salesman I talked to was new and was really nice, even showed me his 335. In the end I didn't trust Russel to handle the transaction. My view of their sales team is poor and i'm starting to question their service department.

The first time I had my m3 serviced there one of the techs dropped a wrench on the front quarter panel leaving a huge chip of paint missing - didn't tell me...thankfully i noticed it before I left the lot, they took care of it. Now i'm hearing stories of joy riding by service people...techs or the kids - don't know who.

I feel bad for the current management, I can't imagine they had anything to do with this and are trying to correct the problems Russel has...but in the end I went with BMW of Towson for the purchase and I must say I was impressed with the salesman Dave Kelbaugh who I worked with. Very helpful, didn't bs me, treated me like his own...not something I expected and was pleasently surprised by.

My BMWNA survey was all 5's and I made sure to leave a little extra +'s for Dave K. Most pleasent buying experience to date.

I'll say that when I enter a bmw service center and I see kids walk in with keys to a customers car ...its clear they aren't techs, but assistant...i begin to worry about my car. These days the only person you can fully trust to take care of your car is you.

Russel is sort of in the ghetto anyway, hope they find a new area to move to and can upgrade their showroom/service center - BMW of Towson and others all have very nice facilities.