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Originally Posted by TJDiCandido View Post
Thread synopsis: The 335i’s Steptronic transmission/cooling system configuration is intended for street use. If you’re an experienced track driver and there's a chance you might track your 335i someday, make sure you get a car with a manual gearbox (and ZSP). Even then, the car will still have an open differential (one-wheel-drive) and run-flat tires that aren't intended for track use anyway...
Well I got a manual, ZSP, LSD, and non run flats. We'll see how this goes...
Originally Posted by TJDiCandido View Post
^ I know this is off topic, but as a 335i owner I recognize that it’s simply not cost effective to spend lots of $$$ prepping the car for track duty.

IMO, the most cost effective alternative can be summed up in one word: “Miata”. Although Miatas don’t have HP to spare, they’re among the most well-balanced, reliable and inexpensive track cars to run and maintain. They also come standard with proper limited slip differentials. These cars do almost anything drivers demand of them: responsive handling, smooth power delivery, trailing throttle oversteer, power on oversteer, trail braking… They’re predictable, forgiving and very fun to drive on a challenging road course. They’re also better in the turns than many exotic sports cars.

You can routinely find race-ready first generation Spec Miatas with extra wheels, tires, spare parts, etc., selling for $10-15k. This is a fraction of the cost of buying and race-prepping most other track cars, especially BMWs. The bottom line is that the Mazda MX-5 Miata is a very capable and extremely cost-effective track car. Consumables such as brake rotors, pads, tires and spare parts are cheap too.

The Miata is definitely worth considering before spending thousands of dollars modding a 335i. Also, don’t dismiss the Miata’s capabilities until you’ve tracked one…
I doubt anyone in this thread is doubting the spec Miata's capabilities. But I'm not going to go buy yet another car (that's non-op), trailer, and truck.
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