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Originally Posted by hotrod182 View Post
Don't get me wrong, being in the 9 second range without meth/race fuel is phenomenal. Meth gives me about a 4-5mph boost in trap speeds! So either way you go...performance is impressive. I don't mind meth, because I love the lower IATs going in the engine...but for most people the RBs might be more practical..if not harder to install though. Can't wait to see your 60-130 times soon.
I love meth as well, I run it all the time but ever since I started getting misfires up top I turned it off as I'm on low boost now to be able to pull all the way to redline..did a couple pulls at 18.5psi last night, perfect to about 6300-6400 then misfire...and this is with Cobb stage 1 with a JB+ minimum setting on top...i know for sure now its not tune related as I've tried ALL of them

Originally Posted by mithiral67 View Post
All in, how much are RB turbo's with install?
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