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Originally Posted by Joshboody View Post
I need to get started on my Mr. 5 intake soon, so I've been searching for components.

For the air box mount what do you think about these:
Has a plug for a flow sensor... maybe a IAT before turbos would be cool
probably too short
PVC options
only 2.5" ID and the height is a little small. But 2.5" may work better for routing and still give good results.
VERY good option it seems

The other rout would be a custom flange from a machine shop, but that will be costly.

I would think with the right part, you could secure the hose adapter with the fit between flange, hose, and clamp... no sealant necessary. 2 3" o-rings could be used around the air box with the clamped hose holding the assembly. Any thoughts here??

Thanks guys
The easiest one is the Spectre 8148 mounting plate, sold at any pepboys or autozone for 6-7 bucks.