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Chevrolet Blazer 2001'. Oh God that car was a pain. It was a brand new car for my sis and it was handed to me after 18K As she was getting a new car for herself. I had a problem since day one. The things that needed to be replaced were the alternator, AWD ECU was faulty and expensive, something similar to limp mode, balancing, worse off roader ever, A/C died out in the middle of the hot daysssss, etc.
My father being a Japanese car fan, wanted to try a ''Made in USA'' car and on my request he did so with the Blazer. I regret advising them but at that time, my knowledge about cars was really bad. This Chevy has really thought us a lesson and my dad never wants to buy American for himself.

I on the other hand bought a Corvette because I'm young and I can face the consequences.
Anyway,things don't look that positive for it.

Its no wonder why people buy into reliability and sacrifice driving feel+Fun factor. I guess thats why Lexus is such a big hit with people who had these issues and haven't been looked after by the manufacturer.
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