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Originally Posted by themyst View Post
I think all this PCV paranoia started when Shiv "suggested" the OCC is causing misfires. I run a BSH OCC, and others have run the purported inferior RR OCC without misfires or any other issues.

The cause of those misfires were the damn tune. What happened when I switched out the Procede? No misfire no issues.

Don't worry dzenno, you're not alone. You can join the scores of people who swapped out plugs, coils and injectors trying to fix something that wasn't broke to begin with.

IMO the HPF OCC has some sexy components. Is it worth the price? Probably worth it about as much as those $2k SuperSprint downpipes.
Maybe you're missing the underlying point with current on the market OCC's...What none of us want them for now, is their restrictiveness on crankcase pressures. We want to keep the crankcase in vacuum for the extra hp and the easier rotating of internals that accompany vacuum in the crankcase. Misfiring is not even a thought in the equation anymore.