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Originally Posted by Stangorang View Post
Any of you guys tried this DIY oil cooler?

I asked the guy why he tig welded 90 degree fittings (as opposed to buying off the shelf one) and it had to do with needing clearance between the hood and that nobody made the proper fitting with M20x1.5 threads.

I like the idea. Not terribly fond of paying $600+ for an oil cooler. Those plugs can be purchased separately so the car can be returned to stock. I would probably dump the second oil cooler in the drivers side wheel well.
I've checked out that thread. Wondering if these 2 fittings would have worked. First is a M20x1.5 to 8AN, and the second link has a 90* 8AN. Buying them separately is definitely not cheap though, considering you need 2 of each.

This would probably work better in lieu of the 2nd link. You can attach the line directly to the end, and they are swivel fittings:

Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
Read the DIY $250 oil cooler, interesting!

Is it clear to everyone what the final conclusion was of running without the thermostat?
I'm not 100% sure we even understand how that thermostat/spring works. There was a pretty lengthy thread about it that Mr. 5 started but when I last checked it was not conclusive.

This Pegasus Auto Racing site is a gold mine for these parts. This looks just like the STETT OC thermostat. You could run this in line for the oil cooler and remove that thermostat / spring thing in the stock housing.
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