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Originally Posted by Chowbow View Post
I've checked out that thread. Wondering if these 2 fittings would have worked. First is a M20x1.5 to 8AN, and the second link has a 90* 8AN. Buying them separately is definitely not cheap though, considering you need 2 of each.

This would probably work better in lieu of the 2nd link. You can attach the line directly to the end, and they are swivel fittings:

I'm not 100% sure we even understand how that thermostat/spring works. There was a pretty lengthy thread about it that Mr. 5 started but when I last checked it was not conclusive.

This Pegasus Auto Racing site is a gold mine for these parts. This looks just like the STETT OC thermostat. You could run this in line for the oil cooler and remove that thermostat / spring thing in the stock housing.

I don't think the M20x1.5 + the angle fitting will fit. The clearance between the hood and the top of the thermostat is pretty limited. It might though, worth a shot if you can return the parts.

I messed with the thermostat spring. I am not convinced it does much with a stock oil cooler. A larger unit or two units might be a different story.

No need for another thermostat unless you make a plate like the Stett plate which removes the stock thermostat.

I really want to stop by XRP and see if they have any fittings that may work.