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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
That would be very unlikely. Not sure what test you have done already, but I would do this next:

1. Make sure you are using the RCA outputs, not inputs.

2. Check to make sure the VM has enough resolution to show the relatively small voltage from the RCAs. Perhaps get another VM, I use the red one from Walmart.

3. Disconnect the RCA cables going to your amp and connect a home CD player or a portable player with RCA outs, and see if you get any music from the speakers, to make sure the problem is not downstream from the MS-8.
1. definitely using RCA outs (same side as speaker outs)

2. I think I'm alright on this one. As previously mentioned, speaker-level outs from the MS-8 read around 2.5V. You got readings on 0.02V. Others on the web list anything from 0.2-4V. I get . . . 0. True, my meter may not pick up 0.02 if that is the case.

3. on a friend's advice I ran a stripped RCA (center wire to +, outer to -) from RCA outs 1 and then 3 to a speaker, running 300 and 63Hz test tones at about 45 clicks, respectively. Heard no noise.

Ugh. Thanks for your patience.