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Bmw e92 Audio Upgrade Opinions- base (6 speaker) system

Hi there!
First of all let me congratulate you all on this great forum. Its been really helpful. I have been reading lots of posts but this is actually my first post.

I need to upgrade my sound system on my 2010 e92 LCI which has the base (6 speaker system)
I have read lots of great posts by Vp Electricity, Technic, and the awesome full install post by B33M3R.

Still I have some doubts and I was wondering if you guys could help me out.
I love the B33M3R post but I wanna keep all the elements stealth and not gonna do as much as he did.

Basically my idea is to upgrade the amp, get a processor and upgrade the front speakers while also having an amp that will allow me latter on to add some earthquake subs underneath the seats.
The amp will power the subs and the fronts and I will keep the back speakers OEM connected to HU.

One of the problems is that here in Portugal (and Europe for that matter) some of these items are really expensive compared to the US and Im trying to keep in a budget of like 1000 for now. I have changed speakers on my cherokke Laredo before but Im no too confident to mess with my bimmer, but I think ill give it a try.

Ok so Im thinking of these options:

Front speakers: Focal K2 Power 100 KRS (Will install the plastic trim as well for the tweeter as I dont have it) - 300

Processor JBL MS8 - 700
Amp - Do I need a amp? I read the JBL has amp function as well. Is it enought to power the front speakers and subs? Sugestions?


Processor audison bit one - 425
Amp - audisson srx5 or pionner pdx5 - 350

I will be buying the technic harness as well and the 808Mguys Speaker Adaptor Rings (Where can I buy this anyone knows? I cant PM as this is my 1st post)

So what you guys think? The problem money wise is the processor, wish the HU didnt have the problem of the equalized signal to compensate, but well...
The JBL ms8 looks really good compared to the Bit one, but if I get that one I blow my budget and no money for an amp... Oh well.

Thanks for this and sorry If I am repeating things already on the forum. I did not want to bother you with this but cant seem to make up my mind as Im a newbie to all of this. I do music for a living so the sound on my car is really annoying me as I have 5k speakers on the studio (Focals and Klein Hummel BTW).

Thanks for your help