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about the tweeters

I did order "65136964013" from an online BMW dealer but seems like they would have to order them in so it will take some time.

Now I came across two listings on ebay but I am not sure they will fit:

1st one:

It seems to be very close, being the part # is "65136964012"; however, I have no clue it is a logic 7 or Hi fi tweeter.

Side note:
Actually the part # you menioned "65136964013" is listed as "Top-hifi loudspeaker tweeters".
the application description says " For vehicles with
HiFi System Professional DSP = Yes (S677A = Yes)"

So I am not sure they are indeed "logic 7" tweeters, vs. nomral, Hi FI / non logic 7 tweeters. I think "Hi fi professional" = logic 7..

2nd one:

Again, I don't know these are Logic 7 or not. The blue tip plugs do look the same though. The part # is off.

Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
The part number you are looking for is 65136964013. The part number for that 7 series tweeter is 65136907639. The housing is different but the driver itself could be the same, could not. I would get an identical one to what you have in the doors.
If nobody really knows, I might as well wait for my order to arrive, at least I know these will definitely fit.

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