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Originally Posted by Nikki
about 370 miles on it. Either way, it shouldn't be 19000 right? It should be 15000?
I would not be too concern with it. your car is far more sohisticated than you think. 1) 19000 is correct. 2) it has not budged because you have not driven it that much. 3) Your oil service also depends on your driving style (high rev, stop and go traffics). If you start driving it more regularly, it will change. On my car, I have driven 10000 miles and the indicator is showing 9000 miles. This is normal because i drive like an old lady and longtran drive like michael schumacher. Plus, you are still in your break in period so it good to take it easy on your car for now.

Originally Posted by btc
Any one have any idea what that symbol is??? ?
If you still do not know what that symbol means, I think it best to give the dealer a visit. Sometimes, dealer are clueless but maybe they might know what that icon means.