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Great system if you have $$$$$$$
Mmost expensive is the bit one though, have you consider getting a
Alpine processor 660?
Works great, few less options than bit one or wait for a bit ten, will be almost
half the price compared to bit one wich is 900 bucks.
Alpine is $250.

Originally Posted by px82 View Post
Dealer called me up couple hours ago saying there was a mistake in the pricing of the Focals (I thought it was cheap) So itīs now 500 for both.. This "simple" system is gonna cost me

Thinking about:

Front Focal K2 Power 100 KRS
Audison Bit One
Audison SRX5
+ Harness

Totals something like 1500 Euro!
Is it just me or is that really expensive? I did not buy the car new so no choice on extras..
But for 1.5k euros you can get some good active studio monitors.