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N55 | Power Mods DYNO NUMBERS

Why is it so easy... to get extra power on an N54, and
the N55 is another story?

It's because the N55 is new.
The N54 is proven and continuing, rightfully so.
Enough said for the N54.

With the N55, the biggest single "best that money
per HP can buy" is a tune. And there are many
tuners to choose from already on this infant N55 motor.
And I choose the Procede.

I did dyno and was surprised.

2011 E90
Vanguard exhasut
Berk DP
Injen Intake
Proced 3.21 w/ fuel sensor

Dyno'd at EAS because last power mod
Berk dyno'd my E90 there for their DP.
I figured got a base dyno there, the numbers for
comparison will be solid. Should be solid.
here it is:

procede MAP 1 RUNS
Name:  05. EAS+DYNO MAP1 3RUNS.jpg
Views: 1640
Size:  302.2 KB

shock'd at the numbers with
MAP 1 after 3 pulls I switch'd to
MAP 2 and plug'd the USB into
the laptop to datalog the next runs.

procede MAP 2 RUNS

Name:  06. EAS+DYNO MAP2 4RUNS.jpg
Views: 1471
Size:  348.8 KB

I started to scratch my head.
the numbers are off comparing to shiv's dynos'.
It looks close to were it should be though.
But with the bolt on's I have, the hp should be higher...
The power starts to drop off after 5K too. I'm get'n
between 60whp/80ft.lbs on the curve before that though -
not to bad.

COMPARE runs with baserun
Name:  07. EAS+DYNO+COMPARE.jpg
Views: 1451
Size:  326.6 KB

datalog run 1
Name:  EAS MAP 2 RUN 1 Datalog.png
Views: 1393
Size:  43.6 KB

datalog run 4

Name:  EAS MAP 2 RUN 4 Datalog.png
Views: 1391
Size:  45.8 KB

Not content with the numbers and wanted
to redyno with the stock intake instead of the injen intake...
I scheduled more runs at MD Automotive.

I like to mention the "DME SW update" that BMW is doing
for production bimmers PRE FEB 2011 builds.
This update does yield lower numbers.
At the time I was trip'n out on it when i redyno'd at MD
back in late February.
I thought it was the intake but it wasn't it was the

I do have baseruns post-DME SW update as you'll see.
I reinstalled the stock intake and set the procede to MAP 2.
The bimmer ran like this for more than a week.

I put her on the dyno at MD and here are the runs.

MD dyno baseruns
Name:  01. MD+DYNO+BASERUNS.jpg
Views: 1606
Size:  285.9 KB

procede MAP 2 - oem intake RUNS

Name:  02. MD+DYNO MAP2 3RUNS.jpg
Views: 1423
Size:  320.5 KB

scratching my head and looking at the curve and comparing
the baseruns, I made a phone call to Robert at Vishnu.
We soon changed the Map 2 parameters with higher boost settings
reset everything and with a 40min cool down did 2 more runs.
At this point I'm think'n autotuning hasn't fully kicked in -
oh well, I wanted to see what numbers it would do, so i did 2 pulls.
here are the numbers.

procede MAP 2 (new parameter) RUNS
Name:  03. MD+DYNO MAP2newparameters.jpg
Views: 1475
Size:  550.9 KB

MD BASERUNS procede MAP 2 Compare RUNS
Name:  04. MD+DYNO+COMPARE.jpg
Views: 1515
Size:  744.5 KB

The torque numbers did go up - the curve looks a bit rough.
I didn't mimic the numbers that shiv posted but to be fair
the updated MAP 2 did feel stronger on the road home.

Feeling a bit defeated and throwing in the towel for the day.
I'm accepting the N55 woes. Pulling hp like the N54 is alot
different than the N55. The N55 is a torque whore but it's
definitely not a dyno queen.

And for those of you that want to see the comparison with
stock intake and injen intake posted below.

EAS - MD compare RUNS injen vs oem intake
Views: 1390
Size:  277.7 KB

I know they're different dyno's but you can look at the curve. It is similar,
until u get to the higher RPMs. The injen intake does drop a bit past 6k.
It doesn't lose dramatic power with the procede -
from what i've seen from the dynos. I'm happy bout that.
I'm slap'n the INJEN intake back on.

I have a Vishnu charge pipe and CX FMIC that will be going on soon.
It's been sitting collecting dust while I've been going to all these dyno sessions.
At this point, it is what it is with the N55. I still say
biggest gains are Tune and DP for the N55.

To wrap up -

I give alot of credit to Vishnu for bringing out this tune.
The N55 has had it's ups and down and for anyone looking for serious
HP for their N55 - I can't say anything bad bout this tune.
The CAN features, dataloging, support, the updates coming from
vishnu is phenomenal.

What makes this different with any other tune?
Some say performance, some say price, some say installation,
some say support. Whatever tune it is, it's your choice because
with any tune "you pay to play". At the end of the day you're
held responsible for ur power mods. Choose one that best
fits your needs. The procede fits mine.

But in all respects, I enjoy this tune and it's functions
very much and continue waiting for new updates
for it. Slowly but surely, reaching the N55s limits.

thanks for reading
- hope this helps.

Thank you EAS for the dyno's - Berk, Mark at MD, Vishnu,
Injen, LTBMW.
E90s (been gone but not forgotten) KW clubsports 18" BBS GT4 // Build E30 (pending) + E46 M3 Wagon ESTORIL Blue

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