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Originally Posted by keikdasneak View Post
Those look exactly like my numbers with the procede and DP Frankie.

Is it safe to say we should be switch gears at 6500k instead of 7000k since we are looking power ...
pretty similar /
the gains between the curve looks pretty good.
seems like with all the n55 dyno - i've notice a drop pass 5K.

Originally Posted by Cuffss View Post
doesn't seem that bad for 91oct running 14.5-5 psi. 85*
wouldn't numbers be slightly lower due to the fact that your running a 335i? i'm not sure if theres more of a power loss due to different variables in models. correct me if im wrong here.
no it's not bad at all.
humidity will factor in, wheel size, many things.
various models should yield same numbers.
maybe the DCT yields higher? because you dyno it on a different
All i know other guys that have dyno'd similar setup -
we're all very similar in gains.
which is a good thing.

also to mention BMW threw in an error code
13001 "Poor Road Surface" - front wheels aren't spinning along with the rears.
so the bimmer trips out when you dyno.

Originally Posted by keikdasneak View Post
no, no power loss at all between the models...

I am just wondering how Shiv is getting 360whp? i haven't seen anyone with a procede put anything close to that.

i was hoping i would be able to get those numbers.

another day figuring it out.

I'm solid with the performance thus far with
the piggyback. It's just waiting patiently to add
more to the equation.

This summer for the N55 should be interesting though.

That FMIC and meth i can't wait.
i'm still very optimistic with the N55.
these dyno's to scare me off at all.

i may try race gas and put her back on the
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