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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
"No one expects..."

I'm afraid you're wrong, Kai. This question wasn't specifically addressed to me, true, and I may have been using it to make a point - but you should see how many phone calls and PMs and emails I get every day from people who buy things online, and who then can't figure out how to make them work.

Then I read about people choosing installers who can't figure out how to make things work. Why settle for doing business with people who are incompetent and then ask for free help? Why not find service providers who are competent?

So I was making a point as I answered the questions. Not all sellers are idiots, and not all installers are idiots, and the lurkers and noobs who come across the thread should have an opportunity to know that, that's all. Don't settle for ignorance, don't reward it.
I answer more emails in support of equipment bought somewhere than of my own harnesses. And to be honest, it is really exhausting.

However, I have to provide that service or otherwise those systems may not work at all to the customers' satisfaction. And ultimately that's not good for my harness orders as nobody will order a harness for their system to suck...