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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
"No one expects..."

I'm afraid you're wrong, Kai. This question wasn't specifically addressed to me, true, and I may have been using it to make a point - but you should see how many phone calls and PMs and emails I get every day from people who buy things online, and who then can't figure out how to make them work.

Then I read about people choosing installers who can't figure out how to make things work. Why settle for doing business with people who are incompetent and then ask for free help? Why not find service providers who are competent?

So I was making a point as I answered the questions. Not all sellers are idiots, and not all installers are idiots, and the lurkers and noobs who come across the thread should have an opportunity to know that, that's all. Don't settle for ignorance, don't reward it.
Just because you get a lot of email asking for support of products you did not sell does not justify your excessive "sarcasm" in response to one person's questions, that were not directed at you personally. I can imagine your frustrations, and I sympathize, but you are a vendor - and a very respected one - so your responses, if you choose to give them, should be to the point and all the additional comments putting down or belittling their DIY approach are uncalled for, IMO.

And I do recall you mentioning on different occasions that you choose to be somewhat "selective" when answering emails asking for support on products you did not sell, so you do have an "off" switch after all, don't you?

People have choices. Sometimes they like to do their own research and put the pieces of the puzzle together themselves. That's OK. They can do their research here, then order the equipment, and then come back and ask questions about the install. Nothing wrong with that. Their expectations are that the community will support them. And most of the time, it does.

And a lot of people don't like to wait. When they have made up their mind, they want action. You are very busy and sometimes you are slow to respond to inquiries. That's not a criticism, it's a fact due to the nature of your business and your support of this and other forums. I have a personal example to make my point. Last year, on my birthday, I sent you multiple PMs wanting to order one of your trunk enclosures. You replied to the earlier ones, regarding the installation of different drivers and so forth, but when it came to ordering, you did not reply back. After a week or so, I gave up and decided to go a different route. Now, can you blame me for going somewhere else? Not really, and at the same time I am not blaming you for being slow to respond. It's a free market and people have options. I can go on Crutchfield, for example, and click a button and 30 minutes later, I get a shipping confirmation. I like that. I do not expect any service from them (even though they offer it to some degree), I just expect them to send me the product right away.

So if people taking a DIY approach ask questions here, it's OK, and unless they did something stupid, or are planning to do something stupid, they deserve straight and honest answers, sans the "sarcasm". Like the saying goes, if you don't have anything good to say....
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