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Weird Shaking....

So I have had my '07 e92 335i for about 6 months now and I am seeing this crazy shaking in the rear end of the car. So here are the symptoms:

1. While cruising between 40-60 mph I feel a shake that slowly creeps up.
2. Once it actually starts to shake it takes about 5-10 minutes to go away.
3. I believe that it is in the front end because I don't get any steering wheel vibration.
4. I don't think the wheels are out of balance because I can be cruising on a smooth road at 60 and it is good and then it slowly starts creeping up. Starts with a slow thump thump thump and then get strong enough to shake my car keys.
5. I put the car on the ramps and all is good
6. I re torqued the bolts for the wheels.
7. It only happens when I am cruising at the same speed. In stop and go traffic around town (45-55 mph) it does not happen.
8. The car does not pull either left or right. While it is thumping I have actually taken my hands off the steering wheel and no pull left or right.

Weird HUH!!!!!

I need help, ASAP! It is starting to worry me. I would hate to be stuck on the side of the road for something strange.