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Progman 25.01.01 & Oil Defect

Just got my car back from BMW. Had it upgraded to the latest OS to address a few well known issues such as static on the radio, navigation arrow display etc. All have been bugging me for a while and when I saw the other threads re 25.01.01 I thought it would be a good time to take the car in.

Some people have said the new progman is snappier but I am yet to see this in the one area which matters the most to me - navigation. I wonder if all they have done is lower the priority of the navigation program (which is the most CPU intensive), to free up CPU time for other menu functions ?

The display looks very different. The fonts are the same but the colour scheme/skin theme has changed. I haven't got used to the colours yet - they have a Windows XP "steely" feel to them.

The TV now displays when I stop at the lights without having to engage the handbrake - I like that !

All of the Navi POI search stuff is there which is great. I think we will be seeing a lot more changes in this area as Navigation becomes more and more prominent ...

One of the reasons I took the car in was I had needed two oil top-ups in the past 6 months. I got a call yesterday when they had finished the work on the car and the SA told me they were ordering a new oil separator from Germany. I have seen in other threads that the new 335 needs an oil cooler - wonder if it is the same issue?

Anyway, keep an eye on your oil consumption. It was not a problem for me until I hit about 15,000 kms, and this is when I started to push the car a lot harder. I was pretty gentle on it before then as I wanted to make sure it was run in properly with minimal thrashing.
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