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Originally Posted by 18LLC
wtf, my car was one ship ahead of yours, depart LA port at 11/21, and i'm still waiting for it, (remember we are order from the same dealer?) how can you pick up that fast? crazy weatherford. they might use my car for someone else to test drive in this couple days.
i have no idea, my salesmen called me the other day letting me know he's going on vacation and that someone else would be helping me with my car and that i should expect to pick it up on 12/3 or latest 12/7. i didn't ask which boat my car was on, but maybe my car was on the same boat as yours.
the other salesmen called me last wednesday telling me the same thing, so i dont think they're making it up.
you might want to call to see when u can pick up.

the wait just kills us...