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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
I'll be playing it on PC, it's originally a PC game afterall (too bad COD lost their way but that's another story). I can't wait to take my joystick out of the closet (so to speak) for some good aerial action! And for those who never played BF2 or 1947, aircraft were not the be-all end-all game changer you are thinking of. It's nothing like the MW series which will just devistates the battlefield. It's rather hard to hit a single moving target with a fighter jet moving extremely fast and there will be PLENTY of AA. 99.9% of the time the aircraft are dogfighting and some newb is learning how to crash a helicopter.
OHH man this brings back the greatest memories of piloting the AH-64. I perfected the art of dodging those SAM missiles! The helicopters are very easy in terms of attacking targets, but to drop bombs with the jets is a whole different art. You really need some good teamwork while running teamspeak so you can communicate enemy positions for a real efficient air force. In WOOT camp thats all we did. There were different divisions and I would be in our "ranger" division 70% of the time. Any maps that permitted jets or heli's then I was airborne. God damn we were a fucking sickening team.... epic epic battles all day and night long. fuck yeah fuck yeah battlefield on the PC that shit is going to be bumping.

I think its safe to assume the jets in the 360 will be very limited in comparison to PC versions.
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