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I'm sorry. I have to chime in here. I'm originally from the UK and I've noticed that the prices of the 6cyl+ BMWs in Aus are a COMPLETE rip off - I've been here for a while but still won't get into the Aussie mindset for European car pricing. The 4cyl cars aren't too overpriced but the $20K difference in price for going from a 320 to a 325 is just madness. Let's not even talk about 330 and 335 prices.

I can afford, and would love to own a 335i, but knowing that I am paying tax on tax (that antiquated LCT and crazy stamp duty) of my hard earned is enough for me to put an artificial ceiling on what I'll ever spend in Aus on a car (which is around $70K MAX).

In the UK, a fully loaded 325i M-sport will cost within the region of $75K otr and the new M3 will be around AU$125K on the road.

I'm sorry, but paying near to $200K for an M3 or RS4 is just daylight robbery. That's nearly new Ferrari money in the UK!!!

Much to my dismay, this means that I will be boycotting most European performance cars whilst I remain in Aus...I'm glad BMW saw some sense with their 130i pricing in keeping it in line with the rest of the world so for now, I have (relatively) affordable 6cyl performance and I only paid half the cost of a new 335 :-)