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Positive expierence at VOB

I know VOB has one of the worst reputations for thier service department, but I thought I would share a very positive expierence I just had with them.

Long story short, I bought a 2010 e92 from BMW of Arlington last October. Was an executive car, 10k miles, loaded, remainder new car warranty, great price.

The third Week of ownership I noticed several scratch's on the iDrive screen that was only visable when the car is off and the sunlight hits it directly. Shame on me for not noticing this when I picked it up. I call the dealer, they basicly tell me too bad, nothing they can do.

In December I bring the car to Ticher for the oil change, ask the service advisor if he can do anything, sorry we can replace the screen for $2400.

A few Weeks ago, I need a run flat replaced (I have the tire warranty), bring it to VOB since I work around the corner. I ask if they can do anything to polish the iDrive screen. Service advisor comes back, says they will replace it under waranty, no problem! Special order the part, three Weeks later part is in and the screen is new!

I am a happy camper. Just had to share