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Thanks guys, im glad the car is so well received. I wasn't too sure how it was going to turn out.

Originally Posted by shim! View Post
Wow. Amazing. What wheels are those?
CCW LM20. Courtesy of Mr. CCW, FLOSS! He is THE guy to go to for CCW's. Dont hesitate to hit him up for a set!

Originally Posted by GetSomeE92 View Post
Looks great! I need to get one of those M3 trunk lip spoilers for mine. Love the look of them.
It does add a nice subtle touch. If i had to do it over again though i'd probably go with a painted bmw performance spoiler. Same overall shape/design, just a bit more aggressive. Definitely look into it.

Originally Posted by JunkStory View Post
I like the fog light delete. Did you get the air duct upgrade from the BMW performance kit?
This is actually the 335is air ducts.

Originally Posted by FLOSS View Post
nice bro!!

Sorry for that little delay on delivering ur wheels!!

Glad u went with that finish... u're the first to have a set of LM20s in that finish / color
No worries, the wait was worth it!