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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
OHH man this brings back the greatest memories of piloting the AH-64. I perfected the art of dodging those SAM missiles! The helicopters are very easy in terms of attacking targets, but to drop bombs with the jets is a whole different art. You really need some good teamwork while running teamspeak so you can communicate enemy positions for a real efficient air force. In WOOT camp thats all we did. There were different divisions and I would be in our "ranger" division 70% of the time. Any maps that permitted jets or heli's then I was airborne. God damn we were a fucking sickening team.... epic epic battles all day and night long. fuck yeah fuck yeah battlefield on the PC that shit is going to be bumping.

I think its safe to assume the jets in the 360 will be very limited in comparison to PC versions.
+1 good times. I remember taking a week off online play to learn to fly well, was a pro after. Jets brought so much dimension to the game. The few great pilots absolutely dominated everything. 30-40 k/d in matches

Can't dish out $1k for a PC but luckily have a friend that's going off to school and might let me borrow his