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Originally Posted by triggz View Post
y cant the outter ring be a full circle like the inner ring? I think it looks so stupid not having the ring connect at the top. Your work is amazing though, the cf on the shroud is brilliant. Im just not a fan of the outter ring. Didn't BavX fix this issue?
Actually the outer ring CAN be a full circle like the inner ring. No one has asked for it yet. We have them available and would gladly install them if a customer would like it done on their lights. Most people just like the "U" shaped ring because they say it looks "Meaner" and more aggressive. To each their own, its all preference when it comes to modding your car.

Originally Posted by wren57 View Post
If they are both the same size then the one towards the rear looks much smaller and it looks much weirder.
These LED rings don't seem to be that bright. Is the camera playing tricks or what?
Actually the Outer ring is about 0.5" larger in diameter than the inner. but of course the flat part on the top of the outer ring can be deceiving. Trust me They are BRIGHT! The camera is definitely not flattering. Due to how bright they are, we have to scale down the brightness and exposure to capture a semi decent shot of them. Here is a shot with no adjustment.

From slightly above

And from directly at the AE's