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Originally Posted by pseto View Post
Cool event today. I was able to drive several cars: 650 vert, x3, 535i, and Benz E350.

I test drove the 535 and Benz head-to-head in a comparison test and it was a no brainer. The Benz V6 was straining the entire time, even with the AC off. The 535i was great, but too big for me.

The 650 vert was AWESOME!!!!!! That TTV8 pulled and pulled until I hit well over 100. Maybe I will be waiting for the next M3 b/c that motor is unbelieveable

Food/drink was also provided and you get a free BMW/Team USA baseball cap. Definitely worth a few hours of my time and you gotta love free
Quick old do you have to be, because sometimes at the dealer they say you have to be older then 25 to test drive any bmw

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