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Originally Posted by Saviorx View Post
I recently purchased a 2008 335xi coupe and I was very let down with the handling performance. My last 2 cars were a 2003 Evo VIII and a 2006 Sti and the BMW just felt unstable and sloppy.(not to mention the space above the wheels were ugly. I went with the Bilstein Sports and the H&R springs. My friend is a mechanic and we installed all 4 in about 3 hours. The look is way better now and the car finally feels like a sports car. I have yet to push it to evo levels but so far it feels razor sharp and the road feel is way better. The ride is a little more stiff but has a more quality feel over the bumps. The stock setup felt like a 1987 Iroc z. Total cost was around $960 from turner motorsports. Ground shipping took 3 days. Here are some pics.

This is exactly what I plan on doing next week. My question is, did you find the OEM alignment settings the ones you used, or did you make adjustments?