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FS: Rooted w/ Custom Rom - Asus Transformer 32GB

SOLD! Thanks for looking


Purchased June 25th. Used three times. Will add pics and more details later. Looking for a quick local sale.

$475 picked up. MSRP from Best Buy is $500 + tax.

Also include a free BNIB Class 6 certified 8GB MicroSD card.

Selling because I don't have time to use a tablet.

First use: Powered on and messed around for 15 minutes to get a feel for Android. My first Android device!! Not bad! Very responsive. Fast.

Second use: Read XDA-Developers extensively during work. Went home turned it on. Used NVFlash to install custom rooted rom: Prime! 1.4. After custom rom, used CWM to flash to custom OC Clemsyn-Blades Kernel. Overclocked to 1.6 ghz. Was already fast before, but shit's flying now... need for such speed. Uninstalled SetCPU, set CPU back to normal speed. Spent a good 30 minutes or so here.

Third and last use: Boyfriend played Angry Birds Rio for a bit of time. Not sure how long.

Can reset everything to default...exact same as if turning on for the first time. Or can leave all custom stuff, just personal data removed.

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